Back to School: Healthy kids

Back to School: 5 tips to help children stay healthy

1. Sleep Hygiene

  • Develop a consistent bedtime routine
  • Children require about 10 hrs of sleep a night
  • Good restful sleep helps children function and behave better at school
  • Sleep helps build healthy immune system

2. General Hygiene

  • Encourage them to wash their hands regularly at home and school
  • Brush teeth at least 2xday: on waking and before bedtime
  • Floss at least 1xday: before bedtime

3. Nutrition

  • Healthy breakfast: Avoid refined sugar and focus on good protein
  • Lunch: Pack a balanced meal including whole grains, protein, good fats, fruits & vegetables
  • Drink plenty of water. Avoid packing juice & soda in their lunch bag. Most juice boxes are high in sugar even if they advertise natural sugar. Read labels and ingredients. “No Added Sugar” does NOT mean there’s NO sugar.
  • Dinner: This is a great time to teach kids the importance of eating healthy. Make dinner interactive by teaching them the different food groups. “” is a good learning tool to teach kids about nutrition.
  • Offer protein in all meals and snacks to help balance blood sugar and prevent hyperactivity or irritability. Children with balanced blood sugar will be able to stay focused in school and have less behavioral problems.
  • AVOID refined sugar, especially during cold/flu season. 100g of sugar suppresses the immune system function for at least 6hrs.
  • AVOID artificial sweeteners, artificial colors/dyes, artificial flavoring, and preservatives

4. Supplements

  • Read the ingredients carefully and discuss the doses with your doctor
  • Omega 3 (Cod Liver Oil: good source of vitamin A, D)
  • Multivitamins: vitamin B, C, D
  • Probiotics
  • AVOID vitamins with sugar and artificial colors & flavors

5. Limit Electronics & Increase Exercise

  • Electronics include: TV, Ipad, Laptop, computer, video games, etc
  • Avoid electronic use during meal times and before bedtime
  • Electronics can effect a child’s social and cognitive development and stimulate addictive behaviors Click HERE to read more about "Too Much Screen Time Damages The Brain"
  • Encourage activities that allow your child to get at least 1 hour of exercise per day